Energy Management and Environmental Policy


Subject of study

Categories of energy policy models. Use of energy policy models. Models for energy demand. Forecasting model for demand MEDEE. Models for energy-economy. Examination of the evolution of the energy consumption model, HERMES. Regional system for Cyclades. Models for energy offer. Simulation and optimization models. The offer model ΜΕΣ-ΤΙ/MARKAL. The offer model ΜΕΣ- 6/EFOMI 12-C .Special models.


The purpose of this course is teaching students the ideas and the techniques behind energy management, especially from the consumer’s view.
The basic parameters of this course are, on the one hand, the energy management as a separate cost for a business and on the other hand the environmental policy that is included in the Kyoto protocol and the estimation of the environmental impact.
With the term energy management, we mean the process whose initial step is energy consumption recording and the relationships between energy consumption and production.
The next step is to evaluate the energy cost and track the points that lead to energy efficiency. Economic benefits and energy saving are the ultimate goals of the above procedure.

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