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Pr. Vassilis Assimakopoulos was born in Athens in 1956. He is a professor of Forecasting Systems at the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering of the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA). As a faculty member of the NTUA, he has worked extensively on applications of the Decision Systems in modern problems for business design. Moreover, he has conducted research on innovative tools for management support, in an important number of projects, funded by National and European institutes.

Professor Assimakopoulos specializes in various fields of Strategic Management, Design and Development of Information systems, Business Resource Management, Statistical and Forecasting Techniques using time series. He is the architect and supervisor of the Forecasting and Strategy Unit at NTUA. The Unit is responsible for a wide range of educational and research activities in the area of Forecasting Techniques, applied in real business problems.

He is the author of over than 150 original publications and papers in various national scientific journals and conferences. His research work has received international recognition and in the same time he has been invited as a speaker by world-renowned Universities. Finally, Professor Assimakopoulos is the author of books on Forecasting and a viewer for international scientific journals.

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